Sunday, October 12, 2014

Doreen Taylor's "Stripped" Show Reviewed in

Check out the amazing review of Doreen Taylor's sold out "Stripped (again...)" show at the iconic Don't Tell Mama in New York City October 2nd. came out and interviewed the award winning singer/songwriter after her show in NYC and discussed her journey as an artist, her musical motivations and her plans for the future.

Check out the review by clicking HERE!!!

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Ross S. Malkiel said...

Well, ya did it again Doreen. You amazed me again. I brought a new fan for you. He now also knows what it is like to not be able to pin a single description as towards your act. I can not say that you are this or that in genre or what you will do on stage. I can tell what Elton John, to name but one will do at his concerts but -You.....the jury is out. Last night you did open up more. When I first befriended you in 2010 I did not know at that time what I was getting into. I saw that I had 2 mutual FB Friends as you and I just started a FB account and why not add a pretty woman w/2 friends in common to my friends list ( sneaky you actually being a pageant winner-you ! :-) ). So then there became you having music and videos other than your photo shoots. Funny I was looking at the back of Magic and I know every song off of it. I have seen you 3 times, I had tickets to 4 ( Milk Boy ) but could not go. I missed one for it was back to Camp day for the little one and I also could not make it. These are regrets of mine for I saw you at The World Live Cafe and you wowed me. Then it was at a Sold Out ( well they all are. Knock on wood ) Theatre of Living Arts that you put on a as I call it a burlesque act, a musical, a .....I can't label it., yet it was VERY well choreographed !!!! You did it again. You wowed me. I don't know of as many people in their 40's as me that has been to as many concerts as I have. ( I was at Live Aid, just that alone is more acts than anyone will ever see ). You really went all out at The TLA but you also did at The World Live Cafe. Now here you did something else you " Stripped " and I know what you mean by that. I had you labeled as Christian Rock when I befriended you or definatly Country but I felt the rock and blues in you. Black Velvet ( sorry ). You blow it out always. Oh last night I said to myself that you have the talent to do scales with your voice. Out of ANY singer I have EVER heard you have a voice that is a musical instrument, you have great range and control of your voice. You can give lessons on breathing while singing to others.. With Stripped you shed some of your Genre Labels so some whe set aside such as Judgment Day, Last call for alcohol. I'm glad you did Summertime !!! So some things were being set aside as you want to move forward in your Genres and not be labeled as say Country. I think you could Be another Heart or Fleetwood Mac. Tina Turner. Bring back a womans voice to Rock and Roll a Janis Joplin or Grace Slick from The Jefferson Airplane. I liked how you had a quaint setting almost like you did, well ya did like a lounge act. I got to know you even more Doreen you are not that pretty,singer I befriended. Well you are but, you are funny, a little more less labeled as a Nun. ( Ha ha haaaa ) You opened up. Your not just a PG performer. Your not from S. Carolina. You are a tri state woman. You can speak up. I like the newer Doreen. I liked how by word of mouth all that were there will let it be known just where you went in Stripped. Heck send what I just typed to Billboard Magazine or The Rolling Stone and there is a decent article on you just written.. You are now Stripped of all labels. ( clap, clap, clap ). Thank you for being my friend. A hand I also give out a " great job " to your team and Luke Carlos O'reilly and Ian Scattareggia !!!! ( clap, clap ).