Thursday, October 9, 2014

Doreen Taylor Quoted on Musician'

Award winning singer/songwriter and recording artist, Doreen Taylor was asked to contribute to an industry piece about the freedoms in the music industry and was quoted on the music site, Musician' about her thoughts on marketing music and getting your art heard.

"For decades, it was virtually impossible for a new artist to emerge onto the music scene without the help of a major label. The industry was controlled by a select group of executives that determined what the world deemed as “good music” and worked very hard to keep that control. Thanks to the internet and the enormous success of such sites like iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc, artists and songwriters who would have never been able to get their music heard before are now being able to share their music with the world and build up a following.

Having songs on the internet doesn’t mean that you will be guaranteed success on a larger scale to compete with the artists and writers who do have major label support (and the millions of dollars that these labels pump into advertising and marketing). It does allow you to be able to express yourself and be heard in a historically “closed” market, where you can perhaps advance your career to get noticed by reputable publishing companies and artists" stated Taylor

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