Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Doreen Taylor Featured in the Epoch Times

“They are the treasures we fight to protect everyday and the gifts that we cannot take for granted,” award winning country singer/songwriter Doreen Taylor said to the Epoch Times in an exclusive interview about her new song "Colors of the USA" and her work with the National Parks Conservation Association. In this in depth one on one interview, Epoch Times journalist, Tara MacIsaac talked to the rising star about her inspiration for writing this new anthem that was recently named the 'Official Song of the National Parks Conservation Association'.

“I would have to say Yellowstone is one of the national parks that has had the most impact on me,” Taylor told Epoch Times. “To this day I still remember what it felt like at the mere age of 7, standing in front of the Lower Falls in Yellowstone; as a rainbow appeared a single bird flew overhead. It was one of the most touching and memorable moments of my life and that was my inspiration for ‘Colors of the USA.’”

To see the entire interview in it's entirety, please click HERE!

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