Thursday, July 10, 2014

Doreen Taylor Featured in the Celebrity Travel Spotlight

Award winning singer/songwriter Doreen Taylor talked about her favorite travel places in the United States in the recent Celebrity Travel Spotlight on This great piece details Taylor's collaboration with the National Parks and her new song "Colors of the USA".

"When I was a child, my parents would drive my family across country (Yes, just like National Lampoon’s Vacation) and we would stop in the most random of places to eat or just visit. I would always be amazed at how different these towns were from my own and as a child it was so intriguing to me to just watch and observe. Everyone knew each other. People would hold the door for each other. They would sit in the town center and just have conversations. Things were not rushed and people took the time to just be nice to each other. The people that make up these towns are the true pulse of America. They live their lives working honest jobs and value the more important things in life, like hard work, family and friends. I wish more people were like that," Taylor passionately described her love of American small towns.

To check out the entire feature, click HERE!!!

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