Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Doreen Taylor's "MAGIC" reviewed in Fatea Magazine

Doreen Taylor's award winning album, "Magic" was recently selected to be reviewed by the 25 year veteran indie magazine based in the UK, Fatea Magazine. This quarterly publication showcases independent artists throughout the world. Check out this amazingly fabulous write-up below and a special thank you to reviewer, Gemma Hirst for loving the album!

So with the likes of Taylor Swift going around the charts, I feel that women who are trying to make it in the industry of country and western aren't taken a notice of.

However I think Doreen Taylor will take the charts by storm. Her album Magic may not pull a rabbit out of a hat but it does fill my eyes with sequins and glitter. Unlike others, her voice is suited to this type of country music. I love the fact that the album is mostly full of upbeat tracks, such as Good Girls Wanna Be Bad and Baby C'mon. Doreen Taylor shows us how she can have fun.

But not everything is up and partying, oh no. The album finishes with Summertime, here she pours her heart and soul into the song. With the original coming from Porgy and Bess, she makes the song her own. Usually I myself am not a fan of this genre; however thanks to Doreen Taylor she has fully convinced me with her new album (Magic) to love this form of music. She has fun and knows when to turn it down a notch, after all that dancing around to her guitar strumming tracks. And like after all Magic shows, she gets a standing ovation from me.

Gemma Hirst for Fatea Magazine

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