Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Doreen Taylor Featured in EDGE

Southern Rock superstar, Doreen Taylor was recently featured in New England's number one LGBT website, EDGE where they dove deeper into the award winning singer/songwriter's "MAGICAL" journey.

From the angled eye of experience in the commonalities of love’s everyday twists and turns ("Rainy Night in Memphis") to the uplifting power of finding that spark of wonder and joy in doing what you love ("Music’s My Magic"), Doreen Taylor is realizing her own personal strengths from within, and this is her gift as a singer and songwriter.

With her latest CD "Magic" she has delivered a set of songs which travel along not only in an autobiographical way for the singer, but also can provide inspiration to others. Taylor mixes together both a sass of feminine wiles in several songs which explode with country-rock energy while other material on "Magic" searches deeper into her emotional core as an independent artist, making sense of the struggle and rewards of creating music that is true to her goals as an artist and performer.

Currently showcasing "Magic" with a national tour throughout the rest of 2013, Taylor spoke with EDGE of her passion for performing, shared a few personal reflections on the songwriting process and just how one song "Perfect for Me" has struck a chord for her LGBT audiences in the fight against bullying of any kind and the importance of understanding and accepting the differences in each of us.

Check out the whole interview by clicking HERE

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