Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Doreen Taylor's "Judgment Day" is 'Singled Out' by Antimusic.com

**Photo Courtesy of Gary Mattie Photography**

Doreen Taylor's hit song "Judgment Day" from her breakout, solo debut country/rock album "Magic" was selected to be "Singled Out" by antimusic.com and featured along with other great groups such as Weezer, Hoobastank, etc. Check out the really unique backstory about how Doreen came up with the song, what is it REALLY about and how was it created. VERY interesting and worth clicking!!! Read the feature by clicking HERE and then watch Judgment Day on YouTube!

"Although the song really has a very dark, depressing tone on the surface, deep down I wanted to share my message of hope that it is never too late to change things and that we are worth fighting for. No matter what will happen, will happen and we are useless to try to change the outcome. The only thing we CAN change is how we treat each other and the time we have on this earth while we are here. No one knows when our day is done so choose to live life with love and respect while you are here." Taylor stated to antimusic.com about her powerhouse single that has gone viral and received over 400,000 views on Youtube since it's release late last year.

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