Thursday, April 4, 2013

Doreen Taylor Featured Artist on Unsigned Corner

"You don’t have to be on stage performing for thousands to have art in your life. Be proud, be creative and just be you!"... Doreen was quoted saying as the latest artist to be featured on Unsigned Corner. "If you truly love music and have the passion within you, you must always find a way to do it. I truly believe it is a gift that not everyone gets in life and we must cultivate that gift and offer it back with love. Don’t decide to be a performer, etc. because you think you can get rich and famous. Odds are - that is never going to happen. Choose to have music be a part of your life because you love it and you can’t imagine doing anything else in the world. That will get you through the heartache, the tears, and the countless sleepless nights. If you ever lose that love and that passion, then it is time to do something else, but until that day... sing, dance, paint, play, write, create!"

Check out the entire feature by clicking HERE!!

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