Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Doreen Taylor Featured in Huffington Post!!!!

With over 200 MILLION people in circulation, Huffington Post which was ranked the "most powerful blog in the world" by The Observer recently sat down one on one with country star, Doreen Taylor to discuss her album "Magic",talk about her music and her upcoming tour. A very special thank you Huffington Post/HuffPost Entertainment and editor Bryan Cain Jackson for this outstanding (and GLOWING) feature!!

Jackson raved "Doreen's new country album, Magic, certainly works to personify who she is as a person as well as an excellent performing artist to keep your eyes on going forward.

I have to admit, I've always had reservations about the country music genre in the past - but if it all sounds like this, I'll certainly be listening to a lot more of what country music has to offer.

Magic lives up to its title by taking the entire genre and offering it to listeners with a twist as opposed to the homogenization that our ears have been trained to expect not just from the country genre, but also from every other genre that hits all of the popular music mediums."

To read the whole feature, click HERE!!!

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