Thursday, October 25, 2012

DT Ignites the Stage at the "Judgment Day" Premiere

The "Judgment Day" Red Carpet Premiere held 10/11/12 at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA

Doreen Taylor acoustically performed two of my song live at the event "Perfect For Me" and "Heartbeat" and introduces her fourth single and music video "Judgment Day" off of her debut country album "Magic".

To download the songs and/or album visit:

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John Bruton- Acoustic guitar

Video by Good Vibe Studio- Los Angeles, CA


Olivia Wilder said...

What a beautiful song- "Perfect For Me." Did you write that? Love it! Nice hot pants :-) Too bad the light was so bright it didn't show your pretty face enough.
Loved the performance!

Unknown said...

Yes!!! I wrote "Perfect For Me". That is another track off of my album "Magic". I love that song-- very near and dear to my heart. I will make sure to mail you a copy of the album after the storm passes :) So happy you liked the video--- I agree about the lighting, but the sound was more important to me and I think that came out really good...